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We offer queen cells.  Typically the best is ~2 days before hatching.  We keep queen cells in with bee’s their entire life (no incubator)  We believe this allows them to continue to be developed and the bee’s know just how to raise them.  You should call or email, as usually these are only ready at specific times.

We offer 2 lines of bees.

Our own Indiana Survivor stock.  Reared from surviving queens that made it in rough High varroa infested bee yard without issues and seem to bring in good amounts of honey.  This line is Carniolan based.

Our other line is based on our Purdue varroa mite “Ankle biter” II queen as part of the IQBA.  We are part of select few breeders of the IQBA (Indiana Queen Breeders Association)  As part of this, we have and now offer Purdue based varroa mite “ankle biter” genetics.  This genetic line is known for biting the mites as they remove them.  Which thus renders them useless and unable to replicate any further.  This line was selected by doing II (Instrumental Insemination) of a queen with selected drones.


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