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Oxalic Vaporizer is now approved for legal use in bee hives in the US even though it has been in use for years in other countries.  To celebrate we are offering a sale.

Our vaporizers allow the use in any size frame box, 5, 8, 10 frame as long as there is a standard 3/4″ opening in the front.  Our vaporizers also do not heat up to 600°F like other competitors.  There is some concern about vaporizers that generate excessive heat and what caustic chemicals this may create.  Our vaporizers reach about 400°F.  Our vaporizers are made right here in central Indiana by local people.  We do not outsource our product nor import anything.

You get 1) vaporizer that has 9′ electric cable, with alligator clips to connect to a 12v battery.  2) you will also a small start of oxalic acid (wood bleach) and a gram scooper, which will be enough to do 15-20 hive bodies.  All parts warranted for 1 year excluding misuse and abuse.