Bee Packages April 2021


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Honey Bee Packages


If selecting a package, be sure to select “none” on frame options.

If selecting a started package be sure to select a frame size “deep or medium”.

We offer for sale honey bee’s in central Indiana.    The packages will be #3lb. packages with a newly mated queen. They are a mix of Carniolan, feral stock, and some other genetics. The bees are from Georgia and have not been sent to California for almond pollination.  These bee’s are small cell 4.9mm bees.  They will work just fine on small cell or standard 5.4 commercial foundation. They are also chemical free.  The packages are “heavy’ 3 lb. packages. He always shakes extra bees.  Time frames below are an average weather year.  It all depends on “Mother Nature”  We should know about 2 weeks before the exact date.  If you are not sure what to buy see our Bee FAQ


We will offer 3# packages (includes mated queen).  Accepting orders for (early April) on first paid, first taken basis.  Exact delivery date determined by weather.  All prices are for local pickup.  3# is $135.00  Cancellation fee after March 15,  is $60.00  Full payment is due to confirm your order

 Started Packages

We will be offering Started Packages.

Started Packages – will consist of a #3lb. package put into a 5 frame nuc hive with five new frames of new foundation. We will be sure the queen is released, accepted, and is laying up to our standards. We will also provide heavy feeding to promote wax production. When you receive the started package it will have brood of all ages with new bees ready to emerge within about one week. Its almost the same as getting a nuc colony. We will assume the risk of bad queen, absconding, chilled brood, queen acceptance, etc. When you take it home, you get to keep the five new frames to transfer into your full size hive. You can request to have your package started on medium frames if you are bee keeping in all medium boxes to make the transfer into your hive easier. The started packages will be available about 2 weeks after the delivery of the packages.
There are options to the Started Package.  You can choose  to have either Deep (normal) or Medium frames/ hive body (at no additional cost).
These will be available 2 week after our normal packages have arrived.  You have the option of checking it before you take it home.
Accepting orders for (mid/late April) on first paid, first taken basis.  Cost is $180.00 + ($15.00 Budget Nuc box deposit).  Deposit of $15.00 is for the box, bottom and lid, you keep the frames and bee’s (if you would like, you may return the nuc box for your deposit $15.00).  Cancellation fee after March 15,  is $75.00.  Full payment is due to confirm your order

Our package guarantee is the queen is alive and mated on “package pickup” from us.  Once you leave the ownership and survivability of the queen and hive is on you (the beekeeper).

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