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Availability subject to Weather

 Orders are for 2nd mid/late May 2017

Frame Nuc (Nucleus colony)  Your choice in either Deep or Medium size.  You will get 1-2 frames of honey/pollen/nectar and 2-3 frames of brood in various stages.  Frames include our own local, treatment free, locally milled wax foundation.  We prefer a BYOB (bring your own box) but if you don’t have one we can offer various options for additional cost.

Accepting orders for (Late May) on first paid, first taken basis, 5 frame Nuc is $175.00.  Cancellation fee $100.00

BYOB – You bring your own 5 frame box when you pickup bee’s

Budget Nuc – This nuc is made of plywood, but has been dipped in hot wax for longevity.  This is also what we ship them in.  Made to standard sizes.  We run and even over winter bee’s in these boxes.  They also make great swarm traps/shakes.

Commercial Nuc – This is predominantly what we run in our yards, holds up well to years of use.

If you need them shipped or cannot do local pickup or want to discuss, give us a call.

Our Nucs are from our own yards, not bought from others and mixed.

  • We are not pollinators or migratory.
  • These bee’s have not been purposefully exposed to commercial crops or pollination industry
  • We do not use conventional chemicals on any of our products
  • Queens are daughters from our hives, and are open bred

Options for choice:

  • Type of Box
  • Frame Size (Deep or Medium)
  • Foundation type
    • Commercial – Dadant, hooked and wired
    • Hand Made – our wax melted, and embossed, NO Wires
  • Cell Size
    • 5.4mm – traditional cell size
    • 4.9mm – Small cell.  The bee’s have been regressed to this size

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