Buy Honey Bees from Indy Bee Supply

We offer for sale honey bee’s in central Indiana (Indianapolis).   We are part of select few breeders of the IQBA (Indiana Queen Breeders Association)  As part of this, we have and now offer Purdue based varroa mite “ankle biter” genetics.  This genetic line is known for biting the mites as they remove them.  Which thus renders them useless and unable to replicate any further.  This line was selected by doing II (Instrumental Insemination) of a queen with selected drones.

Our other genetic line of bee’s is Carniolan based.  They have overwintered well in Indiana, are calm on the comb and put away good amount of honey.  Three great criteria.  Part of this line started from Don “the Fat Bee Man” as we are a commercial student of his.


During the busy part of the year, we may not be able to take phone calls, as we may be in honey bee yards, or running power equipment building things.  If you have questions contact us info@indybeesupply.com:


We have updated our page for 2016.  Even though our supplier for hardware increased 2016 prices, we were able to keep our prices the same as 2015.  Buy your hardware   We sell bee hardware as well as other accessories smokers, hive tools, jackets and veil’s.


Queens.  We offer now 2 lines of bees.  Our own Indiana Survivor stock.  Reared from surviving queens that made it in rough High varroa infested bee yard without issues.  Our other line is based on our Purdue varroa mite “Ankle biter” II queen as part of the IQBA.  Whether you want to buy queen cells, virgin queens or open mated queens, we produce them all.  Give us a call or email to see what we have at any given time.  Queens usually sell as fast as we get them mated and laying.


We will offer 2# packages of “Don the Fatbeeman” “sting-less” (includes queen).  Accepting orders for (mid/late April) on first paid, first taken basis.  Exact delivery date determined by weather.

Started Packages

We will be offering Started Packages.

Started Packages – will consist of a #2lb. package put into a 5 frame nuc hive with five new frames of new foundation. We will be sure the queen is released, accepted, and is laying up to our standards. We will also provide heavy feeding to promote wax production. When you receive the started package it will have brood of all ages with new bees ready to emerge within about one week. It is almost the same as getting a nuc colony. We will assume the risk of bad queen, absconding, chilled brood, queen acceptance, etc. When you take it home, you get to keep the five new frames to transfer into your full size hive. You can request to have your package started on medium frames if you are beekeeping in all medium boxes to make the transfer into your hive easier. The started packages will be available about 2 weeks after the delivery of the packages.
There are options to the Started Package.  You can choose  to have either Deep (normal) or Medium frames/ hive body (at no additional cost).
These will be available 2 week after our normal packages have arrived.  You have the option of checking it before you take it home.


5 Frame Nuc (Nucleus colony)  Your choice in either Deep or Medium size.  You will get 1-2 frames of honey/pollen/nectar and 2-3 frames of brood in various stages.  Frames include our own local, treatment free, locally milled wax foundation.  We prefer a BYOB (bring your own box) but if you don’t have one we can offer various options for additional cost.